Flowers, Poems and Beautiful Elements for Funerals

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Flowers, Poems and Beautiful Elements for Funerals

Hi, my name is Maxine, and I'm glad you find my blog. A few years ago, I lost my husband, and I learned how challenging it can be to plan a funeral. Luckily, I had the help of a great funeral director to guide me. One of the things he impressed upon me was the need to make funerals beautiful. There are a host of ways that you can do that, and they include everything from readings to songs and from flowers to the venue. If you are planning a funeral, I offer condolences on your loss, and I hope you can find the information you seek here. Thank you for reading!

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Coping With Grief By Creating A Special Place To Remember Your Dearly Departed

Losing a loved one is never easy and grief can often feel like a veil, greying out the rest of your life for a long time. Everyone deals with this feeling in their own way and there is no right or wrong path through this pain. What can help in these instances is creating a place of remembrance where you can go and visit and reminisce over the joy you shared together. Cemeteries can be cold places at the best of times and so anything you can do to create a little bit of life amongst so much sadness should definitely be considered.

Cemetery Monuments

Cemetery monuments come in all shapes and sizes and can be a great way to immortalise a particular aspect of your relationship with your friend or family member. Remember, this is as much for you and the surviving friends and family of your loved one as it is for them, so make it something everyone who knew them can take joy in. Many people get cemetery monuments of a particular hobby the departed loved or of a religious symbol that was particularly dear to them. The most important thing to remember is to not go overboard; keep it respectful and make sure the cemetery monument is something that isn't a spur of the moment decision.

Monument Engraving 

Over time you may find that the original monument that you had constructed is either in poor taste or doesn't accurately reflect your and others' feelings about your loved one. Don't stress; many people make emotionally-charged decisions during the period straight after a death and these things can be fixed later. Monument engraving is a useful tool to update and refine your loved one's resting spot by changing whatever you want. You can even change the writing on their grave if it feels appropriate, maybe to add a small verse or anecdote about them that people can read and think of them fondly. 


Over time cemeteries go through the same wear and tear as the rest of the world, and graves, cemetery monuments and more can get damaged through inclement weather, vandals or just natural erosion of the materials. Luckily there are many places that offer restoration services for your loved one's resting place, and they can ensure it keeps looking good as new. Whether it is fixing up a chipped bit of stone, cleaning the grime off a headstone or replacing loose decorations, expert stonemasons will be able to help you with the maintenance of your cemetery monument