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Flowers, Poems and Beautiful Elements for Funerals

Hi, my name is Maxine, and I'm glad you find my blog. A few years ago, I lost my husband, and I learned how challenging it can be to plan a funeral. Luckily, I had the help of a great funeral director to guide me. One of the things he impressed upon me was the need to make funerals beautiful. There are a host of ways that you can do that, and they include everything from readings to songs and from flowers to the venue. If you are planning a funeral, I offer condolences on your loss, and I hope you can find the information you seek here. Thank you for reading!

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Three Small Decisions That Can Make a Funeral Feel Personal

Planning a funeral for a loved one can be difficult, and it's natural that you want it to be personal and special. This article explains three funeral planning decisions that you should take some time to think about, as they will make any funeral feel much more personal.

Choose the Perfect Readings

The first thing you should do to make your loved one's funeral feel personal and heartfelt is to choose the perfect readings. This depends entirely on their personality. Perhaps their religion was a big part of their life, so a Bible reading would suit them. Maybe they were a writer, and one of their pieces would be perfect. You can search online for poems and readings reflecting different themes, such as non-religious readings, readings by people from your culture, or ones by people your loved one admired. For example, Beyond offers a selection of funny funeral poems that might suit a loved one with a great sense of humour. Your funeral director may also be able to give you some ideas.

Think about Music

Next, music can really make a funeral feel personal to your loved one. This is because music taste is so personal and subjective, so a loved one's favourite song played at a funeral is sure to raise a smile from family and friends. When deciding, consider your loved one's music taste, and what their favourite songs were. Then, think about which ones will be suitable for a funeral. You could pick a few songs for certain parts of the funeral. If you can't choose, ask your funeral director for popular suggestions, and see which ideas speak to you. Finally, make sure that you have arranged a way to actually play your music on the day.

Make a Decision about Flowers

Finally, deciding what flowers to have is essential. To actually get flowers, speak to the funeral director who is providing funeral planning solutions and ask for recommendations on local companies. Think about what flowers your loved one liked, and what kind of arrangements you think are meaningful. There is no correct answer to this, but it should feel right. Think also about whether you want loved ones to send flowers, or whether you might want to request no flowers. Some people ask for a charitable donation instead of flowers, which can be very personal and meaningful.

By choosing the right readings, music, and flowers, you can plan a funeral that really reflects your loved one's personality and interests. To plan the perfect funeral, speak to a company that offers funeral planning solutions in your area. For more information on funeral planning solutions, contact a company near you.