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Flowers, Poems and Beautiful Elements for Funerals

Hi, my name is Maxine, and I'm glad you find my blog. A few years ago, I lost my husband, and I learned how challenging it can be to plan a funeral. Luckily, I had the help of a great funeral director to guide me. One of the things he impressed upon me was the need to make funerals beautiful. There are a host of ways that you can do that, and they include everything from readings to songs and from flowers to the venue. If you are planning a funeral, I offer condolences on your loss, and I hope you can find the information you seek here. Thank you for reading!

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Subtle Ways To Remember A Passed Loved One

The passing of anyone close to you is an extremely difficult period to go through, and while the pain might ease over time, you will never forget the impact that person had on your life. However, as time goes on and you find yourself spontaneously remembering them you might feel like you want to do something to really honor your passed loved one's memory and keep them as a presence in your life. Here are a few ideas about how you can subtly remember your loved one and remember the joy they brought to you.

Cemetery Restoration 

Cemetery restoration is a process of restoring and fixing any signs of age on your loved one's headstone and any other miscellaneous site work on the stone areas of their grave. After years of enduring the natural elements every material will begin to show signs of wear and tear and, if you are very unlucky, there might have been some bigger amounts of damage from tree branches or from especially heavy storms that can cause structural damage and cracking. Cemetery restoration will fix any cosmetic damage as well as fixing any damage affecting the longevity of the grave to ensure that it remains a proud reflection of the person and ensure it does not become a weathered and sad place to visit. 

Re-Purposing Memories 

There is no doubt that you have kept some of the items of your loved one because it can be extremely hard to let those personal belongings go. That is only natural but more often than not those items are collecting dust in an abandoned room or in storage, why not make them an active part of your home? Keep the memory of your loved one around by using their things in your life. Perhaps re-purpose some of their cotton clothes into a quilt for your lounge or use some of their books to create a piece of art or a picture frame. Everything can be re-purposed, and you can have these subtle reminders to yourself in addition to the photos you keep of them to make your house feel more comfortable. 

Investigating Their Hobbies

While you may have never taken an interest in their hobbies due to a lack of time, now is the perfect time to find out what made these things provide such joy for your loved one. Whether it is a sport, a genre of books or films, puzzles or even something simple like board games you could try and find out if you shared this passion with them. This can be a way to connect to them even though they are not around anymore, and their passion can live on through you.